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Give reasons why it is an excuse. by Aposteri Give reasons why it is an excuse. :iconaposteri:Aposteri 9 7 Feminism by Aposteri Feminism :iconaposteri:Aposteri 12 2 Android Tablet by Aposteri Android Tablet :iconaposteri:Aposteri 1 1 That idea is just... the Worst. by Aposteri That idea is just... the Worst. :iconaposteri:Aposteri 5 8

This is my art gallery. You can see my oldest art at my old account.



It's OK Flyer PARODY Variant #1 (READ DESCRIPTION) by Cambion-Hunter It's OK Flyer PARODY Variant #1 (READ DESCRIPTION) :iconcambion-hunter:Cambion-Hunter 3 9 Second Sorry_stamp by Dik-LEN-vaY Second Sorry_stamp :icondik-len-vay:Dik-LEN-vaY 6 5 Social Justice is another word for pansies by SkyhawkJD Social Justice is another word for pansies :iconskyhawkjd:SkyhawkJD 20 13
Why Trump Won.
Imagine that you were a factory worker living in a Midwestern town. Perhaps in Ohio, maybe Wisconsin. You worked hard at your union job alongside people of several different races and backgrounds. It paid well. You judged people based on their deeds, not the color of their skin or any other external quality. If people were honest and hardworking, you liked them, and if not, no.
You and your wife made enough money for a house, two cars, and had plenty of cash left over to raise two children. You weren't rich, but you made ends meet and had some money to save. You were and still are religious, with roots in the US going back at least a century, perhaps more. You consider yourself to be patriotic, decent, and on the whole, those are words which describe you and your town pretty well.
Then things began to change. Your town's factory shut down. You had to take a job at a store which paid a fraction of your previous wages. Many people left your town, the tax base withered, and your infrastru
:iconaristodes:Aristodes 70 210
Property Rights Matter! by TheArtFrog Property Rights Matter! :icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 60 45 Question and Answer by AmericanDreaming Question and Answer :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 75 98 Liberty with Danger by AmericanDreaming Liberty with Danger :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 86 29 Anti-Fascist stamp by RGMfighter14 Anti-Fascist stamp :iconrgmfighter14:RGMfighter14 21 0 Stamp: Emotionally stunted by Azrael-Legna Stamp: Emotionally stunted :iconazrael-legna:Azrael-Legna 18 0 Question, research, debunk by Akhnaton-II Question, research, debunk :iconakhnaton-ii:Akhnaton-II 10 7 What Is Cognitive Dissonance? by paradigm-shifting What Is Cognitive Dissonance? :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 28 190
Bullying is not a new problem. While the internet has allowed bullying to take on some new forms, it has been around probably throughout human history. One environment in which a lot of people are exposed to it is in public schools. While public schools often state that they have zero tolerance for bullying, the fact is that most schools do very little about it. I was on the receiving end of some bullying when I grew up. While I know other people who went through a lot worse than I did, it was not pleasant, and there is absolutely no reason why it should be tolerated. Some myths have long been perpetuated about bullying, and I want to put these myths to rest. I am under no delusion that I will reach everyone. I just hope to reach someone. Unfortunately, people have a lot of attitudes that tend to enable, if not directly promote, bullying.

Bullies target those they perceive as vulnerable. Those who are physically weak or emotionally sensitive are more likely to be targeted. While socie
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 33 15
Christians Persecuted in Pakistan
Christian persecution is escalating at a staggering rate in Pakistan.
A little 3-year-old girl - the daughter of an underprivileged Christian mom - was brutally raped by a Muslim man. All too often in Pakistan, horrific crimes against innocent young girls go unpunished because the criminals are Muslim and the victims come from underprivileged Christian families.
Our office on the ground in Pakistan is taking direct legal action for this little girl and her Christian family. For seven months, we have been aggressively demanding Pakistan prosecute this targeted barbaric attack on this 3-year-old girl and her Christian family. Through vigilant legal advocacy, we have forced the court and the prosecutor to continue this case. We won't back down. This innocent little girl must have justice. Hers is the plight of so many Christians across the world. They are brutalized, abandoned, and even killed for their Christian faith. They urgently need your voice.
Jordan Sekulow
ACLJ Executive Director
:iconcompassionforall:CompassionForAll 3 2
Teens by Clelius Teens :iconclelius:Clelius 427 131 No one is better by Clelius No one is better :iconclelius:Clelius 1,256 392


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General Buzzkillington
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United States
Hello. I am Aposteri. I first joined this website as mjduniverse on Oct 13, 2013. However, I moved to this account because my old one has a bunch of poorly drawn artwork and a bunch of nubby comments. Here I am on other websites:

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If you see anyone breaking these rules on my profile, please tell me.

Me on other websites:


  • mjduniverse (Old Account, I don't recommend going there because I have a bunch of nubby and stupid things on there.)

I am also a Christian.


My DeviantART account is a block of ice.
Please report luramiwhal1978. It is some user with an inappropriate avatar and is spreading some suspicious link.
I have not seen any ToriTheWolfy alts in quite a while. Have any of you seen any recently?
There you go.


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